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Filmmaker Coaching
Producer Consultant

“Miranda’s fearless passion for female creatives she believes in is what you hope and wish for in a mentor. After making THE UNKNOWN COUNTRY, she has continued to guide me within the larger context of my career and continued to support my work- all of which I’ve found invaluable.”


– Morrisa Maltz

Unlock your full potential as a filmmaker under the mentorship of Miranda Bailey.


Miranda Bailey provides opportunities for select filmmakers to tap into the expertise she’s gained through her many years of experience in the indie film world as a film coach and consultant.


Whether you're a budding filmmaker seeking guidance on storytelling techniques, a producer looking to take your projects to the next level, or a creative professional seeking expert advice, Miranda Bailey's Filmmaker Coaching services are tailored to elevate your skills and enhance the success of your career prospects.

With her vast industry network, and ability to connect with key players and collaborators, Miranda will help you craft a personalized roadmap for your filmmaking journey. As a filmmaker herself, Miranda understands the challenges and complexities involved in bringing a cinematic vision to life.

Turn Your Vision Into Reality

As your coach, Miranda the can help you navigate the technical aspects of production and intricacies of the independent movie landscape. Her coaching sessions are designed to inspire and empower filmmakers with a supportive environment for you to explore new ideas for your project, receive constructive feedback, and gain valuable insights on your journey to from script to screen and the many stages that come with making a movie.

Areas of Consultation

  • Script Development

  • Financial Budgets

  • Casting

  • Distribution & Sales Strategy

  • And More...

Access a range of strategic insights and practical advice to enhance the quality and marketability of your project. Services include, script development, budget consulting, casting ideas, foreign sales knowledge, and domestic distribution strategies and much more.


Whatever you're looking for, we can create a consultation that works for you.

“Working with Miranda and her team helped me improve my feature film project tremendously and brought me confidence to develop my script with the right feedback.”



image2 (3).jpeg

Miranda Bailey with director Leila Djansi.

image0 (15).jpeg

Miranda Bailey and actress

Lily Gladstone at the SXSW premiere of

Cold Iron Pictures' film


image1 (7).jpeg

Lana Parilla, Miranda Bailey, and

Rosario Dawson at the SXSW premiere of  SPLIT AT THE ROOT.

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